Royal Whims

Below are some of the whims held by Their Highnesses Wilhelm & Vienna.


  • RPs should have heavy and youth fighting, as well as more Tournaments!
  • Youth marshals and youth activities are extremely important for the future advancement of our Society.
  • When available, dayboards should be accessible at list fields (heavy, rapier, archery, etc) or a portion reserved until the end of the marshal activity – generally speaking, these gentles do not receive any, as it’s not out prior to the start of the marshal activity, or there is none left by the time it’s concluded.
  • Courtesy and civility are virtues everyone should practice. Treat one another with kindness and respect. Everyone starts somewhere!
  • Musicians, minstrels, and bards are encouraged to showcase their talents.


  • There should be more music at events; it lends itself so well to the Dream.
  • Newcomers are extremely near and dear to my heart.
  • Practice ‘ respectful inspiration’ – teach and learn, inspire and be inspired, challenge and be challenged, and experience this hobby to the fullest.  Unsolicited advice and rudeness have no place here.  There is a way to gently encourage people to ‘raise the bar’ with period ambiance and personas, especially if they ask for that guidance first. Above all, remember this is our pastime, an outlet for RECreation; it should be joyful.  Understand the way you play isn’t necessarily the way someone else would – and respect one another’s differences. Very few start their journey in the SCA with period ensembles or skills; however, with the right encouragement, perhaps they may eventually get there.


  • Site fees should be reasonable.  Family caps and discounts for minors should be taken into consideration whenever possible.
  • Dog friendly sites are appreciated.
  • Please be mindful when attending events – as much as we would love to see you, if you are not well, please stay home.  There are many people in the SCA with compromised immune systems, and what may be a simple bug for some has devastating consequences for others.  Please use your best discretion; there will always be another event.
  • Every communication tool has its weakness and Social Media is definitely no exception.  When not face-to-face, messages may easily be taken out of context. These misunderstandings have caused many an issue, and not just in our Society. Remember Communication, Community, and Conversation — We highly encourage people to speak to one another in person or on the phone – reach out to the person privately, or contact your officer chain or a trusted Peer.  As my mom was so very fond of saying, “A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.”