About Wilhelm

The eldest son of a Travers (Toll-keeper) in Goslar, Germania, Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke decided early on that line of work wasn’t for him. He left to find honor and glory, and at an Inn in Carillion, was introduced to a band of brothers – House Bloodguard. He squired to a knight who became King, and later followed his own stars to Knighthood. While on that path, he traveled from one edge of the Known World to the other, and found love only a few baronies over from whence he first started.

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Heraldry: Argent, on a fess embattled between three Maltese crosses azure a sword reversed argent.

Persona: Late 15th Century German
Clothing: Houppelands, Angelwings, Landsknecht, Cotehardies
Colors: royal blue, white, black, red
Activities: heavy list, brewing, youth marshalling, medieval armor & weapons
Food Preferences: See Combined List
Non-Food Allergies: Cats, Grass