About Vienna

Youngest daughter of a Genoese shipping merchant and French midwife, Vienna de la Mer was given to a noblewoman, along with her nieces, to serve as Ladies In Waiting at Court. This noblewoman later became Queen. Once upon a time, at a 12th Night celebration in Nordenhalle, Wilhelm and Vienna met – he, a Squire to the King; she, a Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen. The rest is… history.

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Heraldry: Argent, on a pale wavy between two Latin crosses formy swallowtailed azure a sea-unicorn argent.
Personal Badge: (Fieldless) A sea-monkey vert.

Persona: Late 15th Century Italian
Clothing: Italian, Burgundian, Tudor
Colors: royal blue, burgundy, green, purple, navy, white, grey, black
Activities: embroidery, gardening, helping newcomers, herbology, folklore, cooking, archery
Food Preferences: See Combined List
Non-Food Allergies: Mold, Fungus