We dedicate our future reign to the Mighty East and its Good and Noble People, without which this Kingdom could not shine as brilliantly.  Know that our focus will be on the Kingdom and the future advancement of the Society.  It is our hope that anyone who wishes to serve us would consider serving the Kingdom first and foremost.  Many able hands make the workload lighter.

Each one of us has a stake in the growth and future of the East, and the very SCA at large.  Its progress, regardless of how small or great the contribution, rests in all our hands. A little loving kindness, generosity, and thankfulness can go a long way in a world where there’s a lot of anger and bitterness.  There is a saying, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

It is also our Great Kingdom’s 50th year!  Let the bards write poetry, sing songs and make wondrous music proclaiming how fantastic our Kingdom and its people are.  Let the list fields ring loudly with tournaments and melees. Let there be classes to share our knowledge and displays to showcase our amazing depth of talent.  Let the marketplace fill with hustle and bustle, abound with heraldry and pageantry, and let there be magnificent repasts to celebrate this time of accomplishment and companionship.  And above all, let us rejoice in the friendships we have cultivated through the years and welcome joyfully new faces among our numbers.

Wilhelm and I will do our very best to be available for our populace, be respectful and kind, and strive to continue the good works set forth by our predecessors. We hold a sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception, and look forward to the opportunity to serve and to get to know new friends. Our Royal progresses throughout the Kingdom will give us a chance to visit with most of the groups within our borders and even take us to other Kingdoms. Please join us and share our Journey.

Wilhelm & Vienna

(Photo of Königin Vienna courtesy of Meredith Bailin Hull ©2017
Photo of König Wilhelm courtesy of Lady Holt Kincaid ©2016)